Three be the things I shall have till I die:

Laughter and hope and a sock in the eye

Things I am doing this week
Today I went to National Gallery of Art with a friend, walked around DC, and went to the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage to hear the US Air Force string quartet. Guys, I am so fucking cultured right now, I could make e coli jealous.

Although I could hardly contain my laughter every time I saw someone fancy walking around with a flute of champagne. Also I might have made fun of my friend for being an old woman on a shuttle with at least three of them sitting across from us.

On Monday I am going to a jazz club, which feels apropo, somehow, after we found Etta James' star on a DC sidewalk. (Sidenote: DC, in some misguided attempt at popular culture, has an actual walk of stars. Did you know that? I did not know that.) Wednesday I am attending The Gaming Table at Folger Theatre, which the website informs me is about "strong independent women, gambling addictions, clever banter, and romantic mismatches"! Those are at least three and a half of my favorite things.

I also, half an hour ago, began a new fic.

I love the feeling of a fic being born: I never get that electric feeling in my blood otherwise, except when I am in love. As I get more experienced as a writer, there is also that sad thought that statistically speaking, there is a 1% chance that I will ever be finished, however much in love I might be. What this says about my love life I dare not ponder.

But hope springs eternal! I am always sure, in my heart, that this fic will last, that this time I will see it through to the end. In that spirit, a series of Bleach drabbles that I finished a while ago and simply put away.

It only just now hit me that I have fic that I actually finished, even if they're only drabblesCollapse )

Yep. What do you think?

I know. I haven't been around in forever. But guess who got her hard drive back all by herself? And who will now be able to finish all the fics that have been languishing on her computer?

haha ikr the thought of me actually finishing a fic is funny to me too


This week has just been one of those weeks, honestly. I moved into a new place with new roommates because it was a) cheaper b) closer and c) I HATED my old roommate. Someday I will tell you all the long, sorry tale. Anyway, my new roommates are grad students from Thailand and Indonesia and whenever they don't have a paper due the next day (which is often, poor grad students) they bring home a bottle of wine to celebrate something or the other. And they invite me to have a glass or four and I ACCEPT, because SELF CONTROL, HOW DOES IT WORK with the result that, together with being sick, sleeping it off has caused me to miss a lot of work and class. I mean, not a lot and I think quite a bit of it is due to me being sick rather than a total alcoholic but still. STILL. For the first time in my life I've shown up to a class slightly buzzed. Which is actually pretty nice, because it was totally relaxing and I could focus better on what was actually important in my notes BUT THAT IS SO NOT THE POINT OMG. The point is that is howwwww did I sink so low? /woe, sorrow, anguish etc.

Also I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time! It was amaaaazing. I can't wait to see it again and again so I can learn all the lines :D. 

This weekend has been unusually busy for me, really. On Friday night I dressed as a pirate wench and went to anime club, which I should really go to more often, because they are full of great people even if they have questionable taste in anime (we watched High School of the Dead. and then Rocky Horror. Saturday was rehearsal and then several hours at a Bengali/Vietamese wedding, which served Chinese food? idek but they also had really excellent champagne of which I partook enthusiastically (because I'm an ALKIE OH GOD) and then my friend and I totally tore up the dance floor. They will seriously have to call in some carpenters, because there is no floor left. For real. And then today, rehearsal again for most of the day. 

Oh yeah, I got cast in a Shakespeare play. homg, I really do not post about my life enough. But yeah, it happened, hence the rehearsal. It's my first college play, and I was only in one play in high school, so I'm just thrilled I got cast, honestly. 

Also, this is probably because I missed so much work/class, but I've been plagued by this feeling all week that I have to do something important. It's the most annoying feeling in the world, especially considering that I'm pretty sure that I don't. But that's the way these things work, isn't it? You forget about it until remember that it's due tomorrow. It's like the Silence. 

oh god oh god oh god
My laptop won't start.

I tried everything; took out the battery and AC adapter, switched the memory cards, tried them one at a time...Nothing. Nothing.

It's pretty old and crappy, but this is a little out of the blue. I'm going to try it with a friend's battery and charger, and then try to take it apart once I get a screwdriver and some electrical tape. I have a netbook and the computers at the school library; all I need is five minutes to get all my files on a disk.

I have my school stuff on a flash drive; I'm not worried about that. But my fics, dozens of them, are all on the hard drive. The only ones on my DropBox are the old crappy ones. This may sound stupid, but that's what I'm really worried about. I was literally 13 words away from finishing a series of drabbles that I was really proud of, that I was going to send over to loquaciousquark this weekend. ARGHHH


Anyway, I just needed to vent. I'm sure I'll be able to get the files from the hard drive, but still. SO. NERVEWRACKING.

(no subject)
While I've been enjoying it enormously, something's been bothering me about Suits and it took til the latest episode to put my finger on why.

The characters are lawyers at a large, expensive, private firm. That's fine. But each episode manages to avoid the sort of moral dilemma that should be inevitable in these companies. Lawyers sometimes have to defend the indefensible and ruin the innocent. That's not some sort of judgement I'm laying down; it's just the way it is. Yet at the end of each episode, somehow, the big corporate lawyers were on the side of good. They defended the "perfect" sexual harassment victim pro bono. They cleared the name of the innocent stock trader (also a beautiful woman). They fought on behalf of cancer victims. They championed the honest, working-man engineer to be CEO. When they had to fire an otherwise good man for having faked his qualifications, they discover that actually it was all a conspiracy! By an eeevil company! Wait, what's that? They are the ones representing those evil companies? (The man was fired anyway, which added an interesting and unforeseen layer of complexity, but I find it to be the exception to the rule).

I'm not saying the show should portray lawyers as soulless money-sucking machines. But I think it's a disservice to the plot and the characters to never allow them to face moral dilemmas that don't conveniently reduce to a morally clear ending. I'd like the characters to have to make hard choices.

The more disturbing flip side to Our Heroes Are Always On The Side Of Good is the general treatment of public servants in the law. In the second episode, there was a judge who completely violated impartiality for petty personal reasons. In the latest episode, there are two public defenders, both of whom are portrayed to greater and lesser degrees as villains.

To anyone who doesn't watch Suits, don't get me wrong, I still recommend it. I wonder if this trend will continue into the second season...

This was an argument about the weather...
So I called someone out for calling east coasters "pussies" for worrying about the hurricane. I decided not to even address how much I HATE when someone uses gendered slurs--I've tried this before, and thought that if I pushed it he would blow up--which is hilarious, considering--I pointed that we don't get extreme weather and our infrastructure isn't built for it. He responds with FOUR comments, each progressively more batshit, with more choice comments like "pitiful and pathetic". I responded with one more comment, reiterating my position, and he responded by deleting the entire thing, blocking me, and sending me...this...

The next morning he sent me a sequel!


Anyway, that was my horror story from the hurricane :) Korean class will be interesting on Tuesday!

tiger & bunny
I don't think I can say anything about this episode that hasn't already been said, but you know what?

I am digging the return of Tiger's first suit and I'm not even sorry. There. I said it.

Dang, I need to learn to take better pictures of myself

My Soi Fon cosplay at Otakon

 oh my god oh my god oh my god


Not even done with the chapter and I am literally hyperventilating. Oh, Bleach. When you're good, you almost make up for when you're terrible.

As a sidenote....Toshiro sure grew up, huh? *shoots self*

Ask me how to describe this whole beautiful thing
 I saw Guys and Dolls at Wolftrap this weekend! Let me tell you, guys (and dolls), it was wonderful. I've been searching youtube for song clips ever since.

There's this thing I have with stage plays that I ONLY have for stage plays: the first is always, invariably, the best. I saw a high school production of Inherit the Wind when I was in kindergarten and haven't been able to get it out of my head. I can't even remember most of the songs, but the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera is vastly superior to the movie! (And it probably was, too). If I saw a production of Macbeth performed by the London Shakespeare Company tomorrow, I think I'd sigh and wish they were as good as my high school actors.

This doesn't happen for anything else. I can watch two versions of a movie and admit that the second was better. I fell in love with the 11th Doctor just as hard as I fell for 10. I acknowledge (although it breaks my heart a little to say) that Brandon Sanderson is a better writer for Wheel of Time than Robert Jordan was. But when it comes to the stage, the physicality of being in the presence of the real actors, hearing their voices ring out in real time, close enough to feel their charisma, far away enough that their features are the most handsome in the world, seeing the conductor's hands wave over the orchestra pit and the hush right before everyone in the room bursts into applause at the same time...

Well, what can I say? First is best, as far as I'm concerned, and second is the one with a hairy chest. As I can see it, the movie versions are no good at all--and objectively speaking, Jean Simmons is beautiful but just can't sing very well. 

In other news, I am desperately, desperately, trying to finish a fill I posted to a kinkmeme (yes). There are people reviewing me! They're saying things about my writing! My characterization! Good things, to top off this insanity. It's a weird feeling. And if I do finish it, that'll make it the first multi-chapter fic I've actually finished, and I can't even tell you how pathetic that is, given how many years I've been trying to write fanfiction.

I am also desperately trying to find housing before the new school year starts, but man, you do not need to know about that insanity. Really.

 Er...does anyone watch Puella Magi Madoka Magika? It''s a magical girl anime. I know! I know.

Anyway, me and my friends group cosplayed as magical girls at Otakon, is what I'm trying to say :P

I'm the sassy redhead with the spear. If you look in the background there's a pokemon trainer...

I'll post with more pictures later! I also cosplayed as Soi Fon (with an index paper shikai, what)

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